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One Day

I sat in the earth one day. Amongst the roots and the worms, I  shook hands with the moles and made friends with the rats. I dug below the crust and drank in the magma, grappled with the iron core and slowed the spin. If your watch runs funny, that’s me. I explored the mountains… Continue reading One Day


From the branch bereft of leaves, the sleeping bag hangs – part sunken in the snow. Through the howling wind, the baying wolves, the empty tent – filled with… In the shadows, a gun shot rings –

Naughty or Nice

Moonlight cast shadows on the wall of the house as Jason crept delicately through the flower bed. A snail crunched under his foot and he quickly lifted it up, out of instinct. He bent down to look at the decimated shell, then stepped to the side and carried on round to the back of the… Continue reading Naughty or Nice

In the Genes

Monoamine Oxidase A (low activity genotype variation) and Cadherin 13 are known as the warrior genes. You may have heard of them, but didn’t know their names, well – there they are – MAOA-L and CDH13. For years scientists have been trying to find the causation of these two genes and violent behaviour; as the… Continue reading In the Genes

Screaming Eagle

Jennifer stood at the edge of the cliff; overhead an eagle screamed to warn off rivals. She shielded her eyes from the sun with one hand as she watched the eagle fly above, with the other she pointed a gun at the mans head. She looked down at the man who was shaking and whimpering… Continue reading Screaming Eagle

Something in the Water

Max picked up the box of toothpaste, threw it onto the supermarket floor, and stamped on it. The white paste erupted, splattering the deodorant and shower gel with white globules, ‘It’s the fluoride, man. It’s gonna kill ya’ he chuckled. Through the audio clamour of shoppers came a distinct and clear, ‘Clean up in aisle… Continue reading Something in the Water

Finders Keepers

In the morning dawn, it was hard to differentiate between where the river and shoreline met; the grey and brown haze seamlessly blending into each other. As Malcolm and Bill slowly waved the metal detectors over the mud, they listened for the tell-tale signs of metal, ‘We’ve searched everywhere else up and down both sides,… Continue reading Finders Keepers


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