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Rosa bounced around in the baby carrier on Stan’s back, who strode down the country path. She spotted a low hanging branch up ahead and reached out for one of the leaves. Stan swatted away a fly from his face, thus turning the carrier and diverting Rosa at the last minute. As the leaf passed… Continue reading Picnic

A Day Out

Robert stood at the bus stop; his trousers pulled up over his waist, hugging his belly and riding up his ankles – revealing white sports socks, also pulled up. His thin grey hair clumped with gel, strained against the breeze, like palm trees bending in a storm. The deodorant sprayed so liberally it could stop… Continue reading A Day Out


Throwing itself up against the glass, the moth desperately tried to get to the street lamp. Jethro had turned off the light in the room, so that it picked a target other than the bare bulb that hung from the ceiling. The moth settled on the window ledge and Jethro crept up slowly, glass in… Continue reading Moths


The sand felt sharp, like grains of glass slicing through skin, causing blood to drip over the desert floor. On the horizon an animal was silhouetted against the rising star. A brim of bone seemed to protrude from its skull. It held something which was attached to a larger animal with four legs. By the… Continue reading S4


Aisha stretched out her arms and flapped her wings, ‘Are you sure the glue is dry?’ she asked turning her head to look at the feathers. Dominic felt the glue between the joints, ‘Feels dry to me’ he said picking up the helmet off the floor and handing it to her. Aisha put on the… Continue reading Equilibrium

Video Games

It arrived Have fun Anything I need to know? Don’t pause it for too long ??? It starts to reek Gotcha Tyrell opened the CD case and took out the disc. He played with reflecting the light off its surface, making rainbows dance around at will. He walked over to the games console and slipped… Continue reading Video Games

Mountain Cometh

We like Autumn, Winter, and Spring. We like the way in Autumn it feels like each tree has its own fireplace; licks of flame dancing on the branches before they float down to the ground. We like the harshness of Winter; the cozy comfort of tucking ourselves away as the wind howls and the rain… Continue reading Mountain Cometh

Hula Girl

The little hula girl danced on the dashboard as the pickup truck bounced down the dirt track. The girls gleaming white smile and green grass dress appealed to John’s sense of whimsey. As the pickup hit a rut, the adhesive loosened and the girl went tumbling down between his legs. He laughed as he reached… Continue reading Hula Girl


The worst thing about darkness is the blinking. At first you don’t really think of it, you’ve blinked your whole life, so you blink. Something gets in your eye, you blink, and whether your eyes are closed or open it’s still dark, it’s all the same. You can walk around with your eyes wide open… Continue reading Tunnels

The Lodger

Roger turned over the earth with practiced ease, before carefully placing another canine companion in its grave. The garden was full of them; tiny little indentations where the bodies had decomposed and the earth had backfilled. He had loved every one of them; he just never knew how to keep them alive.


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