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The trees will still stand when you’re gone, grass will still sway and the flowers will bloom. The ground will still nourish when you’re gone, your dreams will be lost to the earth. The wind will still blow when you’re gone, your love will sail the world. I will not be here, when you’re gone.


After hunting for her front door keys in her laptop bag for a minute, she gave up and knocked on the door. The first few drops of rain had just started to fall and she turned around while she was waiting to gaze up at the storm clouds that now blanketed the area. Carlos opened… Continue reading Shivers


The ground is shaking with increasing intensity and regularity. I’m confident that before the sun rises my time will be up, my only consolation being the historic nature of my annihilation. It would be amiss for me to tell this story with the implication that Lucas was the originator of the event, however his keen… Continue reading Meteoric

Pulling Down Roots

The Jaguar rolled down the country roads, flowing down them with the elegance a swan. With his hands at ten and two Terrence smiled at the control and mastery the car gave him. ‘Close your eyes, darling’ he said to Sylvia, who was sitting in the passenger seat watching the road ahead and hoping the… Continue reading Pulling Down Roots

Burning Demons

Bryson’s sheriff badge glowed in the reflection of the fire that tore through the colonial three storey house. The flames dimmed out the stars as he smiled at the screams coming from within. In the shards of glass that still clung to the frames he could see the red light of the fire truck approaching.… Continue reading Burning Demons

From Below

Dark rain hammered the conservatory roof as he watched in awe. The howling wind whipped the trees into a frenzy, as a shiver ran down his spine. The lights had flickered out 10 minutes before in a shower of sparks as the powerline came down. From the grate in the wall he heard a rustling… Continue reading From Below

The Bedsit

Sam was pouring a cup of tea when his mobile rang. He left the cup half filled and answered it on the third ring, ‘Hello, Jenny. Where are you?’ The doorbell rang, Sam smiled and hung up the phone. He rushed down the stairs from his bedsit on the third floor. As he walked to… Continue reading The Bedsit

To my followers…

Thank you all for your patience during my story telling hiatus. For some explicable reason,I recently immersed myself in chaos theory, and astronomy – with a tiny amount of time theory thrown in for good measure The thoughts and stories I have, based on all that, are percolating in the back of my cranium, but… Continue reading To my followers…


The water from the shower bounced off the open umbrella onto the floor; as Matthew crouched in the bath tub holding it above his head. The lights flickered, sending ripples of light over the drenched white tiles. Sparks flew from the light fitting, causing electricity to arc around the room. ‘I’m not ready!’, Matthew screamed.… Continue reading Brimstone


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