You Don’t Need to be a Weatherman

Lincoln opened the cab door of the tractor, stood on the seat, and leaned out supporting himself on the door. ‘God damnit, Kyle’ he exclaimed. His shorts and t-shirt swayed in the breeze as he wiped the sweat away from his forehead.

‘I don’t understand’ replied Kyle, perched on top of the cab, laptop in front of him and frantically typing away at the keys. Above them, perfectly blue skies as sunshine shone down on the corn they were harvesting. Around the edges of the corn field, the trees had started to turn a fiery red, but Kyle had kept the corn a perfect temperature.

Lincoln looked around at the light grey clouds that now surrounded them. ‘I think we’ve lost the satellite relay’ Kyle said, a slightly frantic tone to his voice.

‘Now is not a good time for this, Kyle’ Lincoln said, climbing on top of the cab. ‘We’re already running late this season because of the reboot’.

The clouds rolled over them and the snow flurries began, they both quickly climbed down into the cab, crammed in like a pair of overgrown sardines. The snow flurries turned thicker ‘It’s no good’ Kyle said, ‘We’ll never get the link back now’.

‘God damnit, Kyle. You had one job’ Lincoln shouted, banging his fists on the steering wheel.

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ Kyle pleaded, ‘but it makes no sense. The ambient was supposed to be mild, the snow makes no sense, even with the climate control relay going down’. By now it had accumulated halfway up the tractor wheels. The corn just peeking through the mountain of snow.

‘We’ll it’s done now isn’t it’ Lincoln said, ‘We’ll have to start the season all over again tomorrow.

Kyle shut down his laptop and they both gazed out at the snowfield that swamped the corn.

‘Guess we better call the weathermen’ Lincoln said, Kyle nodded as he got out his phone.

Two fields over, two men sat in a truck, one of them had a laptop open – a phone began to ring, and they smiled.

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