The four of them stood on the edge of the quarry and looked down at the surrounding countryside, on the horizon the sun slowly began its ascent. They’d all squeezed into the Fiat that now looked tiny from their vantage point, yet even from there they could hear the banging and shouting from the boot.

‘What an idiot’, Hayden said laughing and shaking his head. Joe and Dougie joined in the laughter, then began taking it in turns to barge Hayden closer to the cliff, Hayden kicking out in reply.

Jamie stood a little way from the edge, ‘What an idiot’ he repeated. Hayden, Joe, and Dougie stopped play fighting, turned to him, and shock their heads.

‘Shut up, Jamie. Why’re you even here?’ Hayden admonished and the three of them sat down on the edge, leaving Jamie standing alone.

‘Very funny’ Jamie replied, ‘we’re mates’, he said before sitting down next to them.

The three of them began talking about the night they’d had; the girls, the drink, the fights, but the whole time the noise from the boot was like the chatter of the morning birds – always there and always insistent.

Jamie sat in silence next to them, looking intently at the car and the surrounding areas for movement.

‘I think we should let him out’ he said, the others continuing with their banter. ‘Seriously’ he urged, ‘it’s going to get really hot in their soon and he’s been in there for hours’. Hayden stood up and towered over Jamie.

‘Seriously, Jamie. Why are you even here?’ he punched him in the arm and Jamie recoiled, rubbing it vigorously.

‘That hurt’ he said looking down at his feet, which dangled over the edge.

Dougie and Joe got up now too, and all three of them surrounded Jamie. Hayden lunged for him, grabbing him by the shoulders and pushing him hard, before pulling him back at the last minute.

‘Saved your life’ Hayden said ‘Come on, let’s go’ he said.

They all slid down the quarry and convened at the little Fiat. Hayden cracked open the boot.

‘Get out, you idiot’ he beamed down at Eddie, before helping him out.

Eddie stretched out, grabbed a bottle of water from the back and gulped it thirstily.

‘Your turn’ Hayden said to Jamie, as the four of them bundled him into the boot, got in and drove off, bouncing down the country roads.

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