Them Weeds

Benjamin swung the scythe through the jungle of weeds that had seemed to appear overnight. He smiled as he mentally congratulated himself on a job well done with sharpening the edge. It sliced through the flora with ease and soon he’d have eliminated the encroaching weeds.  

As he swept through a particularly egregious clump, the scythe got stuck. Benjamin tried to pull the scythe out of the woody stalk, but it held fast. He pushed down on it with his foot, but to no avail. He shifted his weight and lifted his other foot in the air. It snapped, sending Benjamin sprawling to the ground, he let go of the scythe handle, which swung up, nearly impaling him.

Despite the near fatal accident, Benjamin continued to clear the weeds and when he finished his job, he turned to face what he’d accomplished. Taking a handkerchief from his pocket, he wiped the sweat from his brow and then leaned on the scythe as he rested. He looked up and gazed at the full moon that hung low in the sky.

A crack appeared on its surface, faint at first, but spreading. The cracks became fissures and spiderwebbed out. The moon crumbled before his very eyes and began tumbling out of the sky.

‘Mary, it’s happening again’ he shouted as he slung the scythe over his shoulder and meandered back to the house.

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