Cathy leant against the frame of the open window ‘Have you made bread? Make bread,’ she ordered. A wisp of smoke from her cigerette drifted away through the window. Stan shuffled forward from the corner and carefully took out the ingredients from the cupboards, laying them out on the work surface by the bread maker.

Cathy watched him, puffing on her cigarette and flicking ash onto the floor. Stan was gently tipping the flour into the bread pan, ‘clear this up’ Cathy insisted, waving her hand above the area where the ash had fallen. Stan put the flour down on the side and began shuffling over to the vacuum cleaner.

‘I didn’t say stop making bread’ Cathy demanded, halting Stan mid-step. Cathy again eyed him as he returned to adding ingredients to the bread maker. Her cigarette now finished, she dropped it to the floor and let the butt burn on the linoleum. A small bit of ash fell from the butt and began to smoulder.

Stan stopped what he was doing, strode over to the butt and ember, picking both up and placing them in the sink. Cathy smiled as he cleaned off the ash, picked up a small tube off the side and squeezed it over the damage. Stan rubbed it into the damaged area and the linoneoum stitched together.

He stood up and shuffled back to the bread maker as Cathy lit another cigerette. There was a knock at the front door, Cathy took a drag and blew it in Stan’s face as he shuffled to answer it. She heard talking in the hall and a few seconds later her friend Oliver appeared in the doorway ‘Darling’ she exclamed, putting the cigerette into an ashtray on the table and extending her arms.

Oliver put the bottle of wine down next to the ashtray and then gave her a hug ‘Great to see you Cathy’ he said ‘it’s been too long’ they air kissed each other on the cheek.

Cathy took Oliver by the hand ‘Come, let’s sit’ she said, guiding him into the living room and onto the sofa. She clicked her fingers,‘get us some drinks and finish the bread’ she gestured into the kitchen as Stan returned to the room.

Stan quickly came back and placed a bottle and two glasseson the coffee table in front of them. ‘Get us some food’ she ordered, as Oliver laughed and Cathy smiled.

Oliver took a sip from the wine, ‘Doesn’t he ever get tired or bored?’ he asked.

She got up and walked over to a patch of wall by the corner, ‘check this out’ Cathy said. She moved her head close to the wall and her hair stood on end, drawn to the wall. ‘Wireless charging, I just order him to stand in the corner, like Mr Archer did with us in school’ she laughed.

Stan walked into the room with a tray of sandwiches, cakes, and a selecton of jams. He placed it down on the coffee table and began walking over into the corner to charge.

‘Get my cigerettes from the kitchen’ – Stan looked down at his chest to see his power level indicator showing one bar left. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a plane flying. Stan closed his eyes and went limp.

Cathy quickly rose from her seat and strode over to Stan, ‘Damn it’ she exclaimed, hitting his metal shell ‘That’s the second time today he’s done that’

She turned to Oliver, ‘Oliver, darling’ her voice soft, ‘Would you be a dear and get my cigerettes from the kitchen?’

Oliver grinned as he leant back into the sofa, ‘Get your own damn cigerettes’

Cathy tutted and walked into the kitchen. 

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