Atlas Shrugged

Punished by the mighty Zeus, Atlas strode through the coldness of space, carrying us through time on his shoulders. Labouring under the weight, he bore us past planets and moons in orbit.

Comets struck his body, disfiguring his skin with pock marks, his body covered in the dirt of the universe. Circling the Sun, half of his face burnt raw as perpetual heat scarred his skin.

Unaware of his task, we grew, populating every corner of the globe. We dug deep, throwing filth in the air that choked him. It covered his eyes and blinded him as he stumbled onward.

Storms froze his hands, then our follies scalded them, causing fissures and cracks. Our greed hollowed the Earth and it rumbled, earthquakes shook the planet and we slipped off his shoulders.

Into the darkness we tumbled, Atlas turned slowly to face us and shrugged as he strode away into the void leaving us to our fate.

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