The waves buffeted the ferry causing it to pitch and yaw under the dark grey clouds. Henry clutched the brown leather satchel to his chest and took slow deep breaths as nausea swept over him.

Lucy lay with her head in his lap, her purple hair in contrast to his beige chinos. How do you do that he thought. Planes, trains, automobiles, she could sleep anywhere.

Further down the cabin he could see the ticket inspector, so he fumbled in the satchel, which still didn’t seem to wake her. Henry handed him the tickets as Lucy opened one eye, looked up and then closed it again without comment. The inspector tore the corner of the tickets, and they exchanged a nod, Henry returned the tickets to the satchel and then closed his eyes tightly.

The swaying slowly eased as they pulled into the central ferry terminal. Henry put the satchel between his legs as people began to swarm on. Lucy stopped feigning sleep and slowly rose, gently kissing Henry on the lips as she sat up.

‘Glad to see you awake, sleepy head’ he smiled, to which Lucy shrugged and rested her head on his shoulder. People began jostling for seats, the pretence of order slowly eroding as the seats began to fill up.

‘It’s time to go’ Lucy said, as she rose from her seat, taking Henry by the hand as he stood up and pushed the satchel back under the seat. They made their way to the exit, Lucy smiling and people obliging by standing aside.

Henry looked back at where they’d sat, the seats now full, the satchel obscured.

They disembarked, ran into the car park and almost threw themselves into the van that was waiting for them.

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