Sunday Match

Jono went in hard with a two footed challenge that sent Eddie sprawling to the floor. He smashed his head on the turf as the studs on Jono’s boots opened up a gash on his leg.

Eddie cried in pain as he clutched his bleeding leg, ‘sorry, mate’ Jono said as he walked away. His team mates picked him up and carried him over to the changing rooms. They wrapped a bandage around his leg, made sure he could sit up without help, then went to finish the game.

Once his head stopped spinning, he picked at the bandage and gagged at the sight of the open wound. He took a gulp from the bottle they’d left him and he closed his eyes to stop the nausea from taking hold.

The feeling subsided and he took another look, looked closely. There was blood running down his leg, the cut was deep and had torn through muscle.

Through the red he could see veins of green wiggling under the pressure of his heart pumping out blood. Eddie took another sip from the bottle and watched as tendrils wisped out and began to clasp the sides of the wound.

Within seconds the cut was closed and the scar had disappeared. Eddie stood up and ran back out to finish the game.

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