Walking down the hall, Jeremy could see the bathroom door open and the light on. Steam emanated out and he could see the mirror was fogged over. He strode down the hall, flung the bathroom window open and turned off the light.

He walked back into the bedroom and mumbled something inaudible as he picked up his book and laid back down. The sun rose above the oak tree in the garden and shon into his eyes. He got up, closed the curtains and walked back towards the bed, then stopped.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the bathroom light was on again. He tossed the book on the bed and began to head down the hall when the bathroom door slammed shut. He ran to the door, flung it open and stood there, ‘leave me alone’ he shouted as he pushed open the window.

Behind him he heard a high pitched squeak. He spun to face the mirror where a circle with two dots for eyes had been drawn into the fog. A frown appeared as the window pulled shut and an unseen force flung him into the wall above the bath.

Blood dripped down the tiles as he lay unconscious in the bath. The taps began to run and the door slowly closed.

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