Ere Be Monsters

The boxes were stacked around the flat and the dust had started to settle on their tops. Dee heaved one off  the top and dropped it to the ground with a thud.

Mel was leaning up against the window frame, the window closed and locked tightly against the Autumn chill, ‘Be quiet, it’s late’ Mel turned and scowled before resuming looking down at the street below.

Dee raised her eyebrows, ‘Well if you’d help then I wouldn’t have dropped it, what are you even doing over there?’ she asked as she gave up on the box and walked over to join Mel by the window.

‘Down there’ she pointed, ‘that guy’s just standing there’. Even though the man was wearing black clothes, Dee could see him casually leaning against the lamp post, the bright light illuminating him clearly.

‘This is London, it’s hardly unusual to see someone waiting for someone’ Dee said before returning to the box that she’d set as her target for the evening.

‘I know, but he’s been there for ages. There’s just something about him’ she pulled up her jumper over her mouth and nose, just leaving her eyes and the top of her head visible.

‘What do you mean by ages?’ Dee questioned as she rummaged through the box not looking for anything specific.

Mel mumbled through her jumper holding it in place to stop it from slipping.

‘I can’t hear you, Mel’ Dee said standing up and around to face  turning to her holding up a photo frame.

‘Hours’ Mel repeated, letting her jumper drop and raising her voice. ‘He’s been there for hours. I noticed him when I came back from work and he’s still there.’

Dee walked over to the window and starred at the man as the lights began turning off in the neighbouring flats.

‘This is a safe area’ Mel postulated, and Dee nodded.

‘There’s a website, I checked before we moved’ Dee replied, ‘but that guy is creepy’

The man dug into his pocket, ‘what’s he doing?’ Mel asked as the pair of them stood immobile by the window.

The man took out a phone tapped the screen and held it up to his ear.

‘Maybe he’s calling some back up for a home invasion or robbery’ Mel said as Dee nodded. ‘The door’s locked, right?’,Dee nodded again.

‘You think we should call someone?’ Dee asked, turning, and looking around for her phone.

‘Quick look’ Mel urged, and Dee wheeled around and looked down at the scene.

A police car had pulled up next to the man and a uniformed policeman had gotten out. They opened the window to hear what was being said, but they were too far away.

‘I knew it’ Mel exclaimed as Dee nodded beside her.

The policeman shook the mans hand, got back in his car and drove off, leaving the man standing under the lamp post.

Mel turned away from the window ‘so, which box next?’

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