The Longest Day

Like drills, the siren pierced my skull. A world of pinpricked lights, as planets, and moons, and stars flew passed, or we flew passed?

Lights twinkled through portholes in our metal skin shell. The siren stopped; the lights went out. A hiss of oxygen escaping, as I gasped for breath.

The pods lit red as the rest stayed dormant, untouched, unknowing. Peaceful cosmos in their dreams, the truth a thin pane away.

To leave them silent into the night, or wake them to the coming nothing? The clock on the wall, no power, no time, eternity lying before me as the black hole drew closer.  

Gravity clawing as everything slowed, but not to me. I turned to see her sitting up, facing me wide eyed, wide mouthed.

To her, I’d slowed, drawn out, drawn forever. Silent surprise stuck in the moment of time.

For me, her panic, fast forward as she reached out. Clock dormant beside her; time ended.

For us, the longest day of our lives, as the event horizon beckoned.

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