Transitory Mass

The arid red earth began to grumble; small stones rolled and jostled over the parched ground. Around the canyon small cracks appeared, close to the cliffs. The deepening rumble intensified and reverberated as fissures opened. White rocks peeked through the fissures then fractured the earth. The rocks became pillars 100 feet high, completely encircling the canyon floor.

The sound of the event sent birds flying and animals scurrying out of the canyon. As the desert floor stood silent the stars wheeled over. The sun was high in the sky again when Jed and Alex pulled up to the cliff edge.

Their truck idled as they gazed at the monolithic white pillars that encompassed the desert floor. Their guns lay untouched in the flatbed as they turned to look at each other. Jed opened his mouth to speak when the ground growled and the suspension of the truck started to squeak.

They held on to whatever they could as the white pillars shot bright rays of light into the sky and the ground boomed. As they watched the lights turned from the sky and connected to each other, crisscrossing from pillar to pillar. The surface of the canyon was transformed into a vast mirror.

The mirror turned into liquid, giving the floor the appearance of a large lake that rippled under the rumbling ground. It began to evaporate flooding the canyon with an impenetrable fog.

Slowly it lifted and through the haze the red earth had gone, leaving nothing but space where once there was land. Sheer sides had been hewn into the dirt and the rock.

The ground lay still, as they approached the cliff edge. It went on into the dark with no end visible; the light seemingly lost into the centre of the Earth and beyond.

Birds started tweeting above them and they could hear the rustling of small animals. Alex retrieved his rifle, aimed into the abyss, and fired. The bullet disappeared into the dark without making a sound. 

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