Empty Spaces Series ^F2

Hiro and Aimi crouched in the snow field that neighboured the amusement park. The sun reflected off the ground, so Aimi squinted and shielded her eyes with her hand so she could see the fence line more clearly. There wouldn’t be anyone around in the off season, even the job of grounds keeper had long been made redundant in exchange for an army of robots.

Hiro took his phone out of his backpack and as he began typing commands on the screen, Aimi saw the red lights of the CCTV camera blink off. ‘We’re good to go’, Hiro said as he put the phone in his pocket and began crunching off to the fence line, Aimi following close behind.

When they reached the fence, Hiro turned so Aimi could take out the bolt cutters from his bag and she clipped the wires, the fence peeling away like a zipper. They carefully climbed through and stood hand in hand surveying the empty amusement park.

They walked together, exploring the silent rides, they made snowballs and threw them at the boarded-up hoardings, watching as they exploded like fireworks. Icicles had formed from every overhang and they snapped them off with glee. They had snowball fights, made snow angels and the mist clouds billowed as they laughed.

‘Follow me’, Hiro took her by the hand and ran off through the snow. The sky had greyed, and snowflakes began to gently fall as they stood in front of the Ferris wheel. He took the phone from his pocket and soon the wheel began to turn. They hopped into one of the pods and it slowly took them round. Aimi cuddled up to Hiro to keep warm as they climbed higher.

When they got to the top, Hiro smiled again, he began typing on his phone again and the wheel stopped. They sat there admiring the desolation of the empty amusement park when a low whirring started. Out of the sheds and around corners an army of small robots emerged.

They were small discs of silver metal with wheels that skimmed over the surface of the snow. Their red lights blinking incessantly, they surrounded the Ferris wheel and darted in circles around its base. Aimi clung to Hiro’s arm as she leaned over and watched them with a look of horror her face.

‘What do we do?’, she questioned, wide eyed she looked at Hiro who shrugged.

The robots shot off into a clearing kicking snow up into the air as the went. They could just make out the red lights through the snowy haze as they darted around, then stopped. As the snow settled a pattern emerged.

Aimi kissed Hiro and then gazed down again at the robots flashing red lights, which had spelt out I love you.

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