Empty Spaces Series .7

The vessel soared through the emptiness. Solar flares and gamma rays took the sails and flung them at light speed across swirling galaxies.

Zephyr and Pixie lay on the deck and admired the stars as they flew by like comets. Zephyr, poured out two glasses of wine and handed one to Pixie, ‘Thanks’ she smiled.

A black hole began tugging them off course, casually Pixie got up and walked over to the wheel. She slowly turned it, which tacked the sails and turned them to port. She tied off the wheel with a rope. ‘Let’s go get some lunch’ she called over to Zephyr.

Zephyr left the two glasses on the deck and as he approached the hatch, star dust shattered the glasses, spilling its contents, ‘We lost the wine again’ he exclaimed.

He climbed down the hatch and turned around to see Pixie standing there with a smile on her face. They were making love when suddenly they got thrown forward against the bow. Zephyr climbed up the hatch and walked over to see what the boat had hit.

‘We’re going to need the sowing kit’ Zephyr shouted, sitting down in front of the blackness that the bowsprit had punctured.

Pixie joined him and stood there inspecting the damage, then threw the ion thrusters into reverse and edged the bowsprit out of the rip.

As Zephyr threaded the needle, Pixie leaned out, pulled back a corner of the rip, and peaked through, ‘Guess now I know’.

Zephyr stitched up the universe and then took a bearing against a nearby galaxy. ‘Let’s try over there’ he said pointing into the empty space.

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