Video Games

It arrived

Have fun

Anything I need to know?

Don’t pause it for too long


It starts to reek


Tyrell opened the CD case and took out the disc. He played with reflecting the light off its surface, making rainbows dance around at will. He walked over to the games console and slipped the disc into the machine. The green light began flashing and then whirred into life.

A blue screen flashed up, 1-25 biohacks installing, Tyrell put  the controller on the coffee table and walked over to the balcony. He leaned over the barrier and watched the people below flowing around the streets like a trail of ants.

It’s updating

Should be quick. A few mins.


Tyrell sat back down, which is when the thumping music started above him. The bass made things jump and dance on the tables and he could see the ripples in a glass of water.

For weeks now it’d rocked the flat until early into the morning. After the 3rd night without sleep, he’d called the police. But when those blue lights illuminated the blocks, reflecting off every window – the bass stopped.

The updates finished and the screen went black. Tyrell picked up the controller and then sat down on the sofa. An image appeared of a man standing in a room.

The man was heavy set with tattoos on his arm. The room was littered with cans of beer, stacking up like adult Lego on tables and windowsills, a thigh high pile on the balcony.

Tyrell moved the man with the controller, sending the character into the corner. He pressed the X button and the man punched the wall. He turned the man around and blood was dropping from his fist.

The music boomed above Tyrells head, causing it to pound with a deep and splitting headache. Tyrell moved the man over to the stereo and pressed X, the music above him stopped.

He turned the character around so he faced the open door of the balcony. Tyrell stood up and faced the same open sky as the man, then pressed the Y button causing him to run at full speed.

It worked. Time for some sleep.

You’re welcome 🙂

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