The Falls

Tom and Jess sat on the grass watching the crowds of people walk passed the No Swimming sign. Their towels peaked out of their bag, signally their intentions to all those that were paying attention.

The groups of tourists snapped photos of the waterfalls as they tumbled off the cliffs and into the exquisite turquoise water. Jess took a sandwich out of the bag and handed it to Tom, ‘Guess we should wait until everyone is gone’ she said.

Tom took a bite of the sandwich, ‘Yep’ he said covering his mouth as he chewed. People came and went, some setting up picnics, some herded like cattle into buses and vans.

The warmth of the day slowly faded and the crowds began to thin. Tom noticed the park warden walking around, ‘Think we better hide while they close up’ he said, standing up and reaching out a hand to pull Jess up from the grass.

As the last of the crowds dispersed, they hid in the trees, ignoring the calls of the warden that the falls were closing. They waited until darkness swept overhead. The new moon offering no light meant the clear skies could be lit by the sea of stars.

In the light breeze they removed their clothes and gently dropped into the water. The swell of the water from the falls rippled through their bodies and they held each other and kissed in the warm water.

They lay floating on their backs and gazed up at the stars. Clouds began to gather above them and they instinctively swam back to the side. They dried each other down and got dressed, wrapping the towels around themselves to stay warm.

‘Hey sweetie, where’s the torch?’ Jess asked searching through the bag.

‘It’s in there, baby’ Tom said, taking the bag from her and rummaging through it. ‘I saw you pack it’ he insisted, emptying the bag on the floor.

‘Hmmm’ he pondered, ‘It’s fine, the car is just through the woods on that dirt road’, he said, packing up the bag and walking off into the forest.

Jess followed Tom and they began stumbling around in the dark, then she tripped and went sprawling to the ground. Tom bent down to her, as she held her ankle and winced. Running across the path, a chain ran down though the woods and into the water.

There was a loud gurgle, as a whirlpool quickly emerged, growing wider and wider within seconds. ‘Oops’, Jess said as the lake emptied.

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