Beware the Glistening Snow

Beware the glistening snow; for under foot, cacti lie. The gentle slopes of white, where once were ravaged peaks. The treacherous fields of ice, where once were endless valleys.

Beware the friendly stranger, grown cunning in times of need. Their hound is not for patting, their food is not for sharing. A kindly face is a mask for their true intentions.

Beware the threat of loneliness, down this road insanity lies. A community is safety, eyes and ears to let you sleep. Your friends and family the only thing left.

These were the rules we were taught. These were the rules we learnt by heart. These were the rules to save our lives.

It gradually crept in, a warning here and there, but always another disaster, always another headline. Viewer fatigue set in and we slowly drifted, as the snow drifts now.

Isaiah stands beside me, little Joshua huddled by our legs. The fire roars, as the wind howls. Our tarps rattle with the threat of death. The rules cast asunder as they entered our camp.

Isaiah stands beside me, pinned to a cross and dying. Joshua huddled by our legs, returned to the earth. Under the tarp they stand and watch as the wolves get closer.

Together we die, as the world died. It died before we knew, died before we felt it. It died before we had a chance.




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