Whiskey’s the Thing

The sunlight forced itself through the dirt encrusted windows, projecting into the bar as far as physics would allow. As the sunlight failed, the artificial light picked up the torch, and carried the light into the deep recesses of the room.

Geoff sat on a stall, as dust slowly drifted through the air, a speck settling in his glass. He looked down into the drink, fished out the dust, and sucked the whiskey off his finger.

He downed the drink and slammed the empty glass on the bar, causing the barman to wheel round, ‘Watch it’ he scowled.

Geoff held up the glass ‘Another, Sam’ he said, holding it in the air until the barman took a bottle from the side and walked over.

The barman filled up the drink and frowned, ‘Leave the bottle’ Geoff said, his eyes downcast. The barman held out his hand, so Geoff dug into his pocket and put a bundle of notes into his palm, ‘Keep the change’.

The barman nodded, ‘Thanks… and my name’s not Sam’ he said, as he pocketed the money and walked off.

Geoff took a sip and then rummaged into the bag by his feet. He drew out a coloured envelope and laid it on the bar next to the bottle. After looking at it for a few more shots, he ripped it open.

On the front of the card, a collection of tools spelled out ‘Happy Birthday’. On the inside it read ‘Happy 60th Birthday. From your friends at ToolStop.’

Geoff smirked as he threw the card onto the bar and slowly shock his head. The sunlight in the bar had completely disappeared, leaving only the artificial glare of desperation, by the time Geoff had finished the bottle.

He hunched over the bar, gently swaying as the whiskey saturated his bloodstream. Every half an hour or so, the barman would top up the snacks in front of him. He’d learnt that this was the best way to avoid having to clear up a mess.

Every time the door opened, Geoff looked up and then took a sip when the newly arrived patron was another stranger. As he cradled the last of the whiskey in the glass, the door opened again. Geoff looked up and smiled, pushing the glass away.

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