61st blog…

This isn’t a story of fiction, it’s a story of me and why I’m doing this challenge. It’s not written anywhere on the blog, it’s not clear, deliberately so. My grand plan, my master idea – is to write a story a day for 365 days.

Now you may ask why and the reason is…

I don’t know. Why do we ever do the things we do. It made sense in a fit of determination.

Of course, like all writers – I want to get published. Who doesn’t? I do it for the love, but love doesn’t pay the bills.

Deep down, I figure somewhere along this 365 day journey, something will click. Maybe a magazine publication. Maybe I’ll write something I don’t hate, but in the meantime, thanks for all those who are reading, thank you to all those that will.

Later this evening… a one line story.

Because this is still a cheat…

3 thoughts on “61st blog…

  1. Hey, congratulations to you for being this determined! I once did one of these, but only for 15 days straight, so I know how much harder 365 days is. Kudos to you, you write so well and I love reading each story. I hope you get published some day too!


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