James woke up sweating, cries ringing in his ears, he turned over and checked the time 2:55am. He sat there panting, trying to recover from the nightmare, when he heard a scream from Mary’s room. James threw back the covers and ran to her.

Mary was sitting upright, cuddling her teddy, staring at the window,  her eyes wide and screaming. James strode over to her and sat down on the bed next to her, drawing her in to a hug, ‘Everything’s fine, it was just a bad dream again’.

James gently rocked her as she sobbed into the crook of his arm, ‘I saw it at the window, a big yellow eye’ she whimpered.

‘We’ve talked about this sweetie. We’re 10 floors up. You’re safe. There are no monsters, but even if there were they couldn’t get you up here’.

Police helicopters had been flying around the area on and off for days, following a gang of car thieves. The bright light had woken him too a few times, but he didn’t want to try and explain that to a three year old.

He lay next to her until she drifted off to sleep again and then crept back into his room. He walked over to the window, before him stood the two other tower blocks of the estate. Dimly lit with moonlight, it’s base bathed in artificial street light.

Earlier he’d fallen asleep before drawing the curtains, but he knew on a summer night like this, the sun would be up early. He whipped the first one across and grabbed the second when something white caught his eye, up near the roof line of one of the other blocks. He looked closer, but there was nothing, ‘Monsters’ he sighed.

James got back in to bed, then the room started to shake throwing things off the dresser and onto the floor. The wardrobe tipped over spilling his clothes all over the floor. He heard Mary crying and ran to her, stumbling and steadying himself as the floor continued to shake.

Mary was sitting there holding her arms out waiting for him, ‘It’s just an Earthquake, we need to go’. He scooped her up and grabbed the teddy.

People were hurtling themselves down the stairs as they made their way as quickly as possible to the ground floor. Through the exit they could hear screams from the streets as the rumbling continued.

They burst out on to the street and large white scaffolding rose either side of the door. There were body parts strewn on the floor and James covered her face as they ran.

Mary pushed his hand aside, ‘I told you, daddy’ she said pointing behind them. He stopped and turned, before them, giant skeletons rose up into the sky. They rattled the blocks and snatched the people that left – their large yellow eyes glowed as they fed.

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