Something in the Water

Max picked up the box of toothpaste, threw it onto the supermarket floor, and stamped on it. The white paste erupted, splattering the deodorant and shower gel with white globules, ‘It’s the fluoride, man. It’s gonna kill ya’ he chuckled.

Through the audio clamour of shoppers came a distinct and clear, ‘Clean up in aisle five, that’s clean up in aisle five’. Max looked around, and down at the far end he saw her standing there, walkie talkie in hand, watching him.

The woman was still wearing the lanyard that the pharma rep had given her with the first shipment, the pharma rep who drove a black SUV and wore dark glasses. Max had followed the rep from shop to shop, until they’d supplied them all. Every stop, a lanyard, a handshake, and a new brand of toothpaste sitting on the shelves.

At each end of the aisle security guards appeared and slowly walked towards him, arms outstretched. Max managed to stamp on them all before they restrained him, ripping off his wig and, his glasses knocked to the floor.

They hauled him out and sent him sprawling. As he picked himself up, the woman with the lanyard stood with her hands on her hips, ‘I don’t know how you sneaked in, but no more. Next time, we call the police’.

The doors swooshed behind her as he wiped toothpaste off his shoes, ‘See you tomorrow then’ he grinned as he crossed the road to the dentists.

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