Screaming Eagle

Jennifer stood at the edge of the cliff; overhead an eagle screamed to warn off rivals. She shielded her eyes from the sun with one hand as she watched the eagle fly above, with the other she pointed a gun at the mans head.

She looked down at the man who was shaking and whimpering on his knees, ‘Now Mr Swan, you surely don’t want to be remembered as a slobbering mess? Take a breath, hell – take two breaths.’

His hands were interlocked behind his head, the handcuffs sitting on the passenger seat. Experience taught her that people felt braver with a chunk of metal round their wrists as a weapon, ‘I can pay you, double, triple, just name the price’ he pleaded.

‘Oh sweetie, this isn’t about money, it’s for the chaos of it. Its nothing personal, just a phonebook and a pin’ she reached into her pocket. ‘Tell me, Mr Swan. Why shouldn’t I put a bullet in your head?’

‘Family,’ he blurted out. ‘Wife and kids, a dog, please.’ He fell to the ground, his tears mixing with the dirt creating tiny puddles of mud. She strode over to him and hauled him back on his knees before walking back to the cliff edge.

Out of the pocket she took a coin. ‘Ah yes, entropy. You’ve had a nice life Mr Swan. I took you from a nice house, a loving family, ordered and content, but order always slips into chaos. She rolled the coin over her fingers, watching it glisten in the light.

‘Heads or tails, Mr Swan?’ She rested the coin on the edge of her finger and thumbnail.

‘Please no’ he begged. ‘Please, I haven’t done anything wrong.’ She tried to keep the gun at his head, but he was shaking so much it became impossible.

‘Mr Swan’ she shouted. ‘Heads or tails, or I go back for your wife, kid and dog.’

‘Heads’ he shouted, gasping for air.

She tossed the coin into the air, watching it spin, the talisman of chaos dancing in the sunlight. She held out her hand to catch it, curious to know how this one would end – it bounced off her hand, landed on the ground and rolled off the cliff edge.

‘What an interesting turn of events’ she said, as the eagle screamed above them.

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