Muir crouched down behind the ragged concrete wall; the decimated tower block looming behind him. The single bullet in the chamber tore at his heart as he watched his son laying in the road. The child’s cries of pain rang out in the silent night of the empty city. His torn and bloodied clothes where … Continue reading Chamber


It was a quiet neighbourhood, not idyllic or well to do, but quiet. We knew a couple of neighbours and like a daisy chain, that continued all the way down until a community was formed.  They were rows of semi-detached houses, far enough apart that it felt like you had one proper neighbour and then … Continue reading Fences

The Falls

Tom and Jess sat on the grass watching the crowds of people walk passed the No Swimming sign. Their towels peaked out of their bag, signally their intentions to all those that were paying attention. The groups of tourists snapped photos of the waterfalls as they tumbled off the cliffs and into the exquisite turquoise … Continue reading The Falls