One Day

I sat in the earth one day. Amongst the roots and the worms, I  shook hands with the moles and made friends with the rats.

I dug below the crust and drank in the magma, grappled with the iron core and slowed the spin. If your watch runs funny, that’s me.

I explored the mountains one day. I jumped up and down till they trembled and cracked, rumbled and tumbled and fell.

I gathered the earth and the stone, built them up to make ranges and hills. If the ground is uneven, that’s me.

I swam in the oceans one day. I slurped up the water and splashed up and down; made ripples, and waves, and the tides.

I spun a whirlpool which eroded the land, salinated the water to float. If the ocean is a little salty, that’s me.

I flew up to the sky one day. I danced in the clouds to make them rain; threw waves of light to make rainbows.

I puffed in and out, exhausted from dance, scattering the clouds all over the world. If the weather is erratic, that’s me.

I soared up through the exosphere one day. I played with the stars and set the moon into orbit; I set a fire in the heavens for warmth.

I got struck by a comet, my blood flying into infinity. If you find life out there, that’s me.

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