Windows to the Soul

I have a case of extraordinary vision. My eyeballs have been prodded, my eyelids lifted; stuck in near pitch rooms and torches shone in my eyes. Most people think 20-20 vision is the best you can do, some in the know think it’s 20-15, but mine is 20-.001.

Let me explain… for 20-20 vision you can see at 20 feet, what normal people can see. With 20-15 you can see at 20 feet what people can see at 15, get the gist? As a comparison, legally blind is usually somewhere around 20-200. Got it?

You’d think it’s a blessing to have vision that good. Life in ultra high definition, to experience the person you love under a microscope, every pour, every follicle – the depths of their eyes; the sadness and the tears as they die of cancer.

You see the world with that same microscope, the bad, the dirty, the depraved. You walk down the street and details of squalor leap out. Rivers of filth flow through our streets, the very air we breath thick with pollution.

You’d think it’s a blessing, but after years of lonely dark rooms for peace; after years of doctors and specialists promising the world and delivering despair – this spoon besides me, this blood stained spoon, was the only way.

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