Early Learning

Leanne and John propped themselves up against a bank of pillows, as morning light streamed in through the windows. John read from a paper, while Leanne rested a tablet against her pregnant belly. ‘Here it is,’ she said, gently nudging him and nodding down to the tablet, ‘we simply have to get one, darling’.

John looked down at the advert, ‘Does it really work though?’ He asked, as he turned back to the paper and continued to read.

Leanne flicked down the screen to look at the price again, ‘Kim and Andy swear by it. Takes the stress out, and a real time saver.’ John put the paper down on the bed and held his hand out.

Leanne handed him the tablet and he began scrolling through all the specifications and details. ‘And you know how well Teddy is doing, he had a beta model’.

John looked at the price, ‘It is expensive, but Teddy won a scholarship I suppose, even if he is a little odd’. John handed the tablet back to Leanne with a nod and Leanne touched the ‘Buy It Now’ button.

The next day a large box arrived with STERILE stamped in large red letters on the side. Leanne and John kept it in the corner with the hospital go bag and child seat ready for the big day.

Leanne’s water broke and they rushed into hospital. Leanne was dosed up with the finest chemicals that medical science can provide. The midwife and obstetrician calmly wandered in and out of the room.

As the delivery progressed, they wheeled in the delivery pod and placed it over Leanne. The pod whirred and rumbled, as she pushed and heaved. The midwife hovered by the pod as the obstetrician looked on.

A final push, as the midwife leant low. They heard a cry and their baby girl was born. ‘Quick John, get it now,’ Leanne screamed. John tore open the box and drew out the stuffed bear. The midwife placed the baby in a cot and John put the bear next to their girl.

The bear blinked, ‘I’m going to be your best friend,’ it said with a plastic smile, as it took the scissors from the midwife and cut the cord.

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