With sickened tale and twisted hymns
With screeching wail, the darkness sings
With sense on rise and spine a tingle
The cries in you do start to mingle
With instinct high, to hide and cower
The time for it to start devour
With movement fast, the dark despair
The only chance, to run like hare

With fleet in you, the hells abound
You hear with shock, an awful sound
With crash and thunder, a squeal high
The screech beyond, an unknown cry
You twist and turn with fear and dread
Then trip and fall, where rock meets head
Chase is over, game is lost
Burn of haste, a turn to frost

As you spin to face the fright
You tremble at the very sight
The thing of twisted lullaby
The thing to cause the inner cry
The jet black eyes, the gleam of hell
The vile, rotting, putrid smell
The mangled limbs of meat and bone
The reckoning that you’re alone

It picks you up as light as feather
It clutches you, with hands of leather
With claw it digs and tears so deep
Within its grip, you will but keep
The jaws of red, do scream to you
The razor teeth, a simple clue
But this is not how it will end
No quick despatch, a heaven send

With bony grip you start to shiver
A gruesome death, it shall deliver
The shake it starts, so deep inside
With this you start the hellish ride
With crazy speed, your limbs do shake
In waves like some demented snake
A blur of skin and bones so fast
The feeling surely cannot last

As judder builds to deathly peak
Your blood from nose and ears does leak
You shake until your lungs sing true
You shake until your skin turns blue
You shake until your heart explodes
You shake until your bones corrode
You shake until your eyes spin back
You shake until you snap

With broken spine, the shake does cease
Sensations end, a strange release
With bones all crushed and innards gone
You start to wonder, just how long
It throws you down, a bloodied pile
With evil grimace, it starts to smile
As you think there’s nothing more
It looks at you down on the floor

It bares its teeth and starts to gnash
With its jaws, it starts to thrash
With sickened lust, it starts to maul
Flesh and bone, it eats it all
And in the last, you look through glass
Through eyes of speckled red
And what you see is the Judderman
Eating the rest of your head

I wrote the above along time ago and what almost feels like another life. It was written when I was heavily into DeviantArt and can no doubt be found there is anyone wants to read more of my poetry from another time.

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