Just Another Burn Out Post

I’m sure you’ve all spent time watching productivity videos, the odd author interview, motivational speeches; work hard, believe in yourself, try your best, don’t burn out – rest.

I’ve taken some holidays over the last few weeks which meant that I broke my 70+ record on posting every day. I felt burnt out and it felt like the sensible thing to do – WRONG.

Burning out is real, I’m not denying that, but I think the worst thing you can do is stop writing, drawing, playing, etc… You may not be able to give it 100% all whole time, I get that- but to break that habit is the most dangerous thing in the world.

I need to write every day – I’m not an alpha personality, so having taken a few days off, I could quite easiy just take a few more. I could quite easily talk myself into thinking that I need to completely understand what I’m writing and plan it for days, but when an artist picks up a brush they don’t usually understand how it’s going to turn out. They may have an idea, but that’s all…

So back to my point – if you think you can’t write every day – if you think that you’re too tired, you’re not. Write a line, a few words, just don’t break the habit and never ever take a break, or it may be a break for life.

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