Gentleman Jack

Jack sat in his boxers on the bench of the laundrette, watching his clothes tumble in the industrial washing machine. As they sloshed around he picked up the packet of cigarettes from the side and tapped one out. Then after looking around for the lighter, turned back to the washing machine and sighed.

As the machine grew louder with the clothes tumbling faster, he stood up and turned his attention to the floor to ceiling window that made up the shop front. People walked by and gawped at his half naked form.

Some would trip and others would walk into the lamp post, especially if he smiled at them and waved. He kept score at the injuries he was causing and decided to pick up his lion headed cane and approach the window square on.

A man approached and Jack stood there in his boxers, hands on hips, with a wild smile on his face. The man startled as Jack knocked on the glass with his cane and thrust his pelvis forward. The man stumbled back as a bus drove by and nearly took him out.

Jack chuckled and walked back to the machine. He yanked the clothes out of the washing machine and searched for the red stain on his shirt. He frowned, and threw it in the bin; then put on the damp jeans, picked up his top hat and left the laundrette.

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