Suzie sat down in front of the laptop and placed the coffee in front of her, as a barrier between her and the keyboard. Through the window in front of her, sunlight streamed directly into her eyes, so she reached across the table and yanked the cord that lowered the blinds.

After turning on her computer and typing in her credentials and passwords, she went straight to her emails. She knew that Ted from Accounting would have loaded the photos from the night before already, and they’d be winging their way round the company already. She picked up her cup and took a sip as the email client loaded and her emails refreshed from the server.

As they loaded, email after email pinged up, seemingly from everyone in the company ‘You’ve got to see these photos’ they all said in the subject line, as if everyone had already seen her drunken antics at the Christmas party. ‘Oh shit’, she thought, and then held her head in her hands after she noticed one from her boss. The same subject line as all the others.

Suzie opened the email, but it was blank except for a URL; she hovered over the link, took a deep breath, and clicked.

Instantly the screen was taken up by a kaleidoscope of colours, swirling in chaotic patterns. Suzie starred at the screen, not initially comprehending what she was looking at, then wide eyed she frantically moved the mouse, trying to back out of whatever was infecting her laptop. Yet, her eyes never leaf the hypnotizing video that was roiling in waves around the screen.

Her coffee grew cold, as her jaw slackened, and her eyes started to sting from not blinking. Without breaking her gaze, she reached for her phone and pressed the home button ‘call Mark’, she requested as the phone dialled the number for her boss.

Mark answered on the third ring but remained silent. ‘Hi Mark, I think my computer may… I won’t be coming in today’, Suzie whispered. ‘Sure’ he replied. ‘Suzie, did you get an email this morning’. She nodded. ‘It’s beautiful’, he carried on. Suzie nodded again and hung up the phone.

Through the day and night, the colours entwined themselves in her psyche, her stomach rumbled, and her bladder cried out, but she didn’t move from the screen. As days wore on, she slowly sunk down in her chair, until she was almost horizontal. After 3 days she began to feel dizzy, and the world, like the colours, swirled in front of her eyes.

Her heart began to beat faster as it clung to life, as she began to lose consciousness, the colours disappeared and a message appeared, ‘forward to all, for more video’. She hastily clicked yes, the kaleidoscope returned, as she took her last breath.

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