Hula Girl has been featured in…

           The little hula girl danced on the dashboard as the pickup truck bounced down the dirt track. The girls gleaming white smile and green grass dress appealed to John’s sense of whimsy. As …

Source: Hula Girl By Stuart Christianson

My work has been featured in this wonderful literary magazine! I encourage everyone to have a read 🙂 They’ve also asked whether I’d let them consider a few other pieces I’ve written for their Winter 2020 magazine, so fingers crossed 🙂

Please also take a look at the wonderful other writers and artists with work up on the site!

p.s. If you enjoyed reading it, please leave a comment on the site!

p.p.s. Thanks for reading, as always!

5 thoughts on “Hula Girl has been featured in…

  1. Congratulations! It’s been a bit of time since you’ve last posted, but I’ve really enjoyed reading your stories. Keep writing, and your publications are well-deserved!


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