Lie In

The whir of the fan ran throughout the night, keeping the humidity at bay. The coolness had played on his skin causing him to have a restless sleep, as he shivered in his dreams.

Rays of sunlight streamed into the room and shone on his closed eyelids. He stirred, opened his eyes and as the light blinded him, he turned over to snooze until his alarm rang.

His head turned, but his body refused to move. He tried to drag himself over and realized that his lower extremities were numb. The fan rotated, causing goosepimples to cover his shoulders. 

He looked down at his arm, which had fused into the bedsheet. From the elbow down his arm had submerged, but the veins and arteries continued, spreading out in a web towards the edge of the bed. 

He heard voices from the other room, and he tried to scream for help, but only a murmur came out. He inhaled deeply and the elastic fibres of the lungs stuck to the sheet.

He turned his head again and he couldn’t see his upper arms, his neck melded into the sheet and then his head, with the light shining into his eyes, his eyelids stuck. 

The door opened and he heard footsteps approaching the bed, the duvet was flung over, and everything went dark. 

2 thoughts on “Lie In

    1. Thank you 🙂 I love leaving bits out of to allow for interpretation. My thought with the ending is that although the person has now turned into a bedsheet with veins and arteries still visible, someone has just covered them over… I hoped that it put some questions into the readers head about how common this occurrence was.

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