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Realising Mark was gone was like remembering halfway through the morning that you’ve forgotten to brush your teeth. Up until you remember, there’s something niggling at the back of your head, then in a flash you realise.

I’ve known Mark on and off since we were four or five years old. At times we’d go a couple of years without catching up, but there was always social media to fill in the gaps – holidays, life events, the usual. 

It was just another day at work really and I was taking a break due to a particularly pernicious spreadsheet, so grabbed my phone for quick scroll of social media. After a few minutes, it clicked – no updates from Mark.

It wasn’t out of the ordinary to not see any posts for a little while, but I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen an update. I remembered his birthday was some point earlier that month, so it was out of the ordinary. 

I did a quick search to bring up his page to see what was going on but got no results. I checked the spelling, even though I knew it was correct and again no results. Mark was the type of person to take breaks from social media, ‘the bane of society,’ were the words he often posted. 

I left it for a few days meaning to drop him a message when I had a chance but got distracted and a couple of weeks went by. I tried his page again, but still no results, so I dropped him a message and got on with things. 

That evening I got a message back, [message failed]. I called and it beeped twice then died. 

I immediately called Jonty, who we had both known since school and was much better at keeping in contact. I’d moved half-way across the country, but Jonty and Mark still lived close to each other. I knew they had a weekly poker game together, so if anyone would be able to tell me what had happened to Mark, it was him… 

The usual chit chat ensued, then the there was a natural gap in the conversation, ‘Hey Jonty, have you heard from Mark recently?’


This is just a scrap of an idea based on the absurdity of social networks.

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3 thoughts on “No New Posts

  1. Your first three paragraphs really resonated with me…more so because I lost a friend and you expressed the same feeling very well, although the concept of social media in this regard is indeed very interesting. Nice post 🖤


      1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I certainly hope your friend and you are both in a better place, respectively. Sending my thoughts and prayers 🖤


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