International Haiku Day 2021

mud saturated,

Winter’s last hope clinging on,

as the boots get washed

frozen glass shatters,

spewing shards on moonlit ground,

the hammer lies still

whispered moonlight rays, 

gentle songs on soft pillows,

sunlight bursts with joy

frost covered mornings,

fade into snow covered nights,

single snowflake melts

through the autumn mist,

a heron catches a frog,

the mist turns to fog

endless sky hangs low,

snowflakes glisten off moonlight,

owl scans patiently

cataract sunlight,

slowly steals the morning frost,

blackbird hunts for worms

fine mist sprays the night,

light of a thousand candles,

a gentle rainbow

moonlight hangs alone, 

as broken light spins darkness,

into sailors end

translucent storm soars,

on majestic chaotic,

wings of rainbow ice

dark rainfall, 

echoes silently,

in your dreams

Just a collection of haiku I’ve written over the years. Think I’ll share them from time to time…
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