Monster Born

Shadows play upon the wall
The bars are there to stop a fall
Silence heightens the chant within
There is nothing, save twist and sin
It was long ago, this was born
With many years of heartless scorn
The sister beaten, till tortured skin
The brother silent, with malice within 

There was a creature born that night
With terror high and dreadful fight
Nowhere there was, left to hide
The rage could never be denied
A vengeful act, a treatise of will
A burning fire, with flames to kill
With axe in hand he crept to bed
With hewed head the stain was dead

Now only darkness lies inside
The new rules he shall abide
Open mouth and swallow long
The pills to sing a different song
The doors are closed all day and night
To stop the others from deadly fright
As shadows play the voices sing
In murder forever he shall be king

I wrote this one nearly 12 years ago. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it, but thought I’d share.

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