Sitting on the Fence

Tommy sat on the fence that ran along the plot boundary of the convenience store. Behind him was scrubland and in front was the empty carpark. He sat close enough to the entrance, that when the store clerk approached the automatic doors, Tommy could see the whites of his eyes. Beside him on the fence lay a jacket, far too big for Tommy. Snow had piled up against the fence and whenever he breathed, a fog clouded his view. 

At the base of the fence, lay a pile of stones. Tommy hopped down, picked one up and threw it towards the automatic doors. It bounced in front of the sensor, causing them to open and whip flurries of snow inside. Tommy watched as the clerk resolutely ignored the change in temperature, but Tommy could see him shiver.

Every time the doors closed, he threw another stone, until the clerk was shivering uncontrollably. The clerk suddenly screamed out in frustration and stormed across the store towards the doors. Tommy hopped back onto the fence, and as the clerk stood in the entrance, flushed and trying to catch his breath – Tommy patted the far too big jacket and grinned. 

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