Mountain Cometh has been featured in…


We like Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

We like the way in Autumn it feels like each tree has its own fireplace, licks of flame dancing on the branches before they float down to the ground.

We like the harshness of Winter, the cozy comfort of tucking ourselves away as the wind howls and the rain lashes.

We like the promise of Spring as the flora and fauna emerges from hibernation; the flowers start to blossom and new life embraces the sunlight.

We love the Summer; the swell of heat rolling through the day, and the night breeze in a star- filled sky. The summertime means no alarm clocks, no waking up in the dark. Summer mornings are an easy rhythm of the sun gently teasing us out of slumber….

Carry on reading here:

This is my second feature in this absolutely fantastic literary magazine! I encourage everyone to have a read 🙂

Please also take a look at the wonderful other writers and artists with work up on the site!

p.s. If you enjoyed reading it, please leave a comment on the site!

p.p.s. Thanks for reading, as always!

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