Dinner Plans

‘Come on Suzie, get down from the ceiling and get into bed.’ Mary picked up a broom and began waving it in the air, trying to coax her down. Suzie swatted it away and glared. From the other room the phone started ringing. Mary sighed, lent the broom against the cupboard and left Suzie crawling around above her. 

The phone was on its seventh ring before she found if buried under some books that Suzie had thrown earlier. ‘Yes,’ she answered, elongating the s in a way the exuded frustration. ‘Hi Terence, before you continue you, let me just stop you right there,’ Mary sat down on the stool that was next to the phone and looked back towards the bedroom. 

She paused and watched as Suzie peered over the over the top of the door frame. ‘Yes, sorry Terence, I’m going to have to give it a miss I’m afraid’. She flicked through the pages of the book absentmindedly and nodded as Terence spoke. 

A scrunchy dropped onto the page and Mary looked up to see a mass of hair obscuring her view. ‘I know it’s your birthday Terence, I booked the sitter weeks ago,’ Mary continued undeterred, ‘but the sitter simply won’t come unless she’s asleep.’  

Mary watched as Suzie scampered over to the curtains and began gnawing on the curtain pole. ‘Stop that Suzie, you’ll get a splinter. Hold on, Terence.’ Mary put the phone down on the side table and walked into the kitchen. She returned 30 seconds later with a packet and threw it into the bedroom. 

Suzie scurried into the bedroom and managed to grab the packet mid-air. Mary picked the phone up again and listened as she watched Suzie rip open the packet and devour its contents. 

‘No Terence, I can’t call him on a Sunday, hold on, stop talking.’ Mary stood with the phone resting on her shoulder and listened. She took the phone into the bedroom to see Suzie curled up in bed cuddling her teddy.

‘Change of plans Terence, looks like she was just hungry. I’ll call the sitter and be right over.’

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