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Expiration Date

Jonah sat on the barstool, his back ruler straight, and his hands on his lap. On the island in front of him lay an owner’s manual that appeared more encyclopaedia than manual.  ‘Jonah, you’ve been with me a while now,’ Mr Roberts began, as he leant on the kitchen island and flicked through the manual.  … Continue reading Expiration Date

No New Posts

Realising Mark was gone was like remembering halfway through the morning that you’ve forgotten to brush your teeth. Up until you remember, there’s something niggling at the back of your head, then in a flash you realise. I’ve known Mark on and off since we were four or five years old. At times we’d go … Continue reading No New Posts

Ink Stain

Cleo sat up in bed as the light streamed in through the window. She chewed at the end of the pen as she shuffled against the pillows, trying to get comfortable. As she shuffled, her gaze never left the Sudoku puzzle in front of her. She bit down as she scanned the puzzle, trying to … Continue reading Ink Stain

All Souls Park

As the birds stretched their vocal cords for the first time that day, Mr Bardon left his house and shuffled off to the park holding the small wooden box. The milkman trundled down the road in his electric cart and Mr Bardon tipped his hat to him, as he had done every day for as … Continue reading All Souls Park

Tweety Pie

Oliver sat down at the kitchen table and starred at the dead canary on the plate. Its yellow feathers fluttered as the breeze came in from the window. He flicked the decapitated head onto the table, then got up and closed the window, took out knife and fork from the drawer and returned to the … Continue reading Tweety Pie

Meditations on Writing #2 – Inspiration: Character or Scene (oR An4rChy)?

One of the benefits of writing short pieces of fiction is that your imagination gets to run riot like a clown in a circus tent, but just how do I minimize my chance of writer’s block – simple – character and scene.  Character – Think of someone you know or knew; someone you’ve read about – … Continue reading Meditations on Writing #2 – Inspiration: Character or Scene (oR An4rChy)?

Lie In

The whir of the fan ran throughout the night, keeping the humidity at bay. The coolness had played on his skin causing him to have a restless sleep, as he shivered in his dreams. Rays of sunlight streamed into the room and shone on his closed eyelids. He stirred, opened his eyes and as the … Continue reading Lie In


Aaron sent a group of tourists reeling as he barged them out of the way and threw himself at the door of the café. The door slammed open, and Aaron went sprawling to the floor. He picked himself up and looked around for the coat hook, he began to hang the soaking wet jacket on … Continue reading Marmalade


Gennie Taylor’ had curly blonde hair and wore Aviator sunglasses so often that the combination of hair and glasses had earned her the nickname Medusa. It stemmed not from her hair looking like snakes, nor her ability to turn people to stone – but that when she wore those Aviators, her expressions were so often … Continue reading Medusa


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