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Dog Day Afternoon

Jess backed up against the glass door and she gently pushed it open. As she entered the shop a bell hanging above the door gently tinkled and the man sitting by the work bench towards the back of the shop, looked up.  ‘What can I do for you, young lady’, he asked as he put … Continue reading Dog Day Afternoon


Kevin sat on the plane reading the newspaper, as the air from the overhead nozzle streamed down onto the paper, it created an eddy that whirled up and blew around his face. He looked out of the small window at the clouds and day-dreamed that the air was whooshing over his face as he flew … Continue reading Turbulence


The dust mote drifted invisibly through the air, until it fell into the illumination of the ray of sunlight that broke through the clouds and shone through the window. David winced as the sun caught the corner of his eye as he crossed the kitchen to where the sunlight rested on the butcher’s knife. He … Continue reading Access

Counting Stars

If you lived forever,Would you pick up every stone on the beach?Skim them across the sea,Then wait for them to return. If you lived forever,Would you fell every tree in the forest?Fill the earth with seeds,Then watch as they grow. If you lived forever,Would you summit every mountain?Dip your hands in the clouds,Then count every … Continue reading Counting Stars


The trees will still stand when you’re gone, grass will still sway and the flowers will bloom. The ground will still nourish when you’re gone, your dreams will be lost to the earth. The wind will still blow when you’re gone, your love will sail the world. I will not be here, when you’re gone.


After hunting for her front door keys in her laptop bag for a minute, she gave up and knocked on the door. The first few drops of rain had just started to fall and she turned around while she was waiting to gaze up at the storm clouds that now blanketed the area. Carlos opened … Continue reading Shivers


The ground is shaking with increasing intensity and regularity. I’m confident that before the sun rises my time will be up, my only consolation being the historic nature of my annihilation. It would be amiss for me to tell this story with the implication that Lucas was the originator of the event, however his keen … Continue reading Meteoric

Pulling Down Roots

The Jaguar rolled down the country roads, flowing down them with the elegance a swan. With his hands at ten and two Terrence smiled at the control and mastery the car gave him. ‘Close your eyes, darling’ he said to Sylvia, who was sitting in the passenger seat watching the road ahead and hoping the … Continue reading Pulling Down Roots


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