Tear ‘Em Down

Mossop and Tiddler lay slumbering on their platform high up in the tree. The chorus of birds grew louder and the sun gently peaked through the canopy as the workman began arriving in their trucks and vans. They yawned and stretched as they looked down on the workman congregating around the diggers. In the middle… Continue reading Tear ‘Em Down

Gentleman Jack

Jack sat in his boxers on the bench of the laundrette, watching his clothes tumble in the industrial washing machine. As they sloshed around he picked up the packet of cigarettes from the side and tapped one out. Then after looking around for the lighter, turned back to the washing machine and sighed. As the… Continue reading Gentleman Jack

Autumnal Promise

Thomas held on to the handle of the trolley as his mother steered it around the supermarket. Ghouls and skeletons hung from the ceiling and plastic spiders were stuck to the shelves. Their trolley was almost full with the usual groceries, plus packets of brightly coloured sweets and candied fruit. ‘Now?’ he pulled at his… Continue reading Autumnal Promise

Alone at Sea

Lightening lit up the sky and reflected off the mirror calm ocean; small ripples began rolling across its surface, as debris fell from the burning cargo ship. Pele and James perched on opposite ends of the escape boat, the oars drifting off into the distance. They glared at each other as they heard distant screams… Continue reading Alone at Sea


A fine drizzle filled the night air, causing Sarah’s clothes to cling to her as she heaved the body out of the back of the Land Rover. Despite the dampness, the back of her throat was as dry as saw dust and her hands shook. The man’s body fell, and crashed into the wheelbarrow. Sarah… Continue reading Scissors

Just Another Burn Out Post

I'm sure you've all spent time watching productivity videos, the odd author interview, motivational speeches; work hard, believe in yourself, try your best, don't burn out - rest. I've taken some holidays over the last few weeks which meant that I broke my 70+ record on posting every day. I felt burnt out and it… Continue reading Just Another Burn Out Post

Whiskey’s the Thing

The sunlight forced itself through the dirt encrusted windows, projecting into the bar as far as physics would allow. As the sunlight failed, the artificial light picked up the torch, and carried the light into the deep recesses of the room. Geoff sat on a stall, as dust slowly drifted through the air, a speck… Continue reading Whiskey’s the Thing

Two’s Company…

Johnny’s high-pitched wail rang out in the confined space of the car. Maria turned round and reached over to the back seat, picked up the dummy and popped it back into Tommy’s mouth, who immediately stopped crying. ‘Remind me again why that man is coming with us?’ Richard asked as he flicked on the indicator… Continue reading Two’s Company…


Leah lent back against the illuminated plastic billboard of the bus stop. The heat of the light made her shift around as Jason towered over her. Jason’s eyebrows were drawn in and his lips were thin, ‘I saw you together. I saw you. You can’t deny it’, he shouted. Leah pressed herself into the plastic… Continue reading Pieces

Beware the Glistening Snow

Beware the glistening snow; for under foot, cacti lie. The gentle slopes of white, where once were ravaged peaks. The treacherous fields of ice, where once were endless valleys. Beware the friendly stranger, grown cunning in times of need. Their hound is not for patting, their food is not for sharing. A kindly face is… Continue reading Beware the Glistening Snow