Tear ‘Em Down

Mossop and Tiddler lay slumbering on their platform high up in the tree. The chorus of birds grew louder and the sun gently peaked through the canopy as the workman began arriving in their trucks and vans. They yawned and stretched as they looked down on the workman congregating around the diggers. In the middle… Continue reading Tear ‘Em Down

Gentleman Jack

Jack sat in his boxers on the bench of the laundrette, watching his clothes tumble in the industrial washing machine. As they sloshed around he picked up the packet of cigarettes from the side and tapped one out. Then after looking around for the lighter, turned back to the washing machine and sighed. As the… Continue reading Gentleman Jack

Perchance to Dream

It first happened on the 7:15 to Paddington. I was in a trance due to a severe lack of sleep; caused not by a rock n’ roll lifestyle, but years of engrained insomnia. As the rhythm of the train pulled me along through the city landscape, with the crowds of people and streams of cars,… Continue reading Perchance to Dream

Autumnal Promise

Thomas held on to the handle of the trolley as his mother steered it around the supermarket. Ghouls and skeletons hung from the ceiling and plastic spiders were stuck to the shelves. Their trolley was almost full with the usual groceries, plus packets of brightly coloured sweets and candied fruit. ‘Now?’ he pulled at his… Continue reading Autumnal Promise

Unknown Origin

Neil hugged his pint and stared into the corner at the black men drinking and chatting. A man approached the bar and signalled to the barmen, ‘they shouldn’t be allowed in here’, Neil mumbled. The man at the bar looked down at Neil as he reached into his pocket for his wallet. Neil looked up… Continue reading Unknown Origin

I’m Ready, Grandma

The first time stung; a black eye and bloody nose – it wasn’t so bad.They’d moved to the city from Maple Bay, a beautiful and tranquil seaside village, where the serenity of the surroundings matched the temperament of the inhabitants. He’d had a lovely group of friends, but his mother said it wasn’t enough. He… Continue reading I’m Ready, Grandma

Alone at Sea

Lightening lit up the sky and reflected off the mirror calm ocean; small ripples began rolling across its surface, as debris fell from the burning cargo ship. Pele and James perched on opposite ends of the escape boat, the oars drifting off into the distance. They glared at each other as they heard distant screams… Continue reading Alone at Sea

Catch and Release

Jim lent up against the old wooden fence, it creaked as he adjusted his balance, but a reassuring creak, he thought – the creak of something that’s been around for decades and probably for decades longer. He watched as the group of children gathered into a semi-circle, herded by the teacher and told to sit… Continue reading Catch and Release

BBQ Weather

The smell of cooking meat wafted across the garden, over the neighbour’s fences and into their homes. ‘You just can’t beat a good steak,’ Neil declared as he speared a hunk of meat, that was sizzling on the bbq and transferred it to a plate. Something caught Neil’s eye and he looked up from the… Continue reading BBQ Weather

Windows to the Soul

I have a case of extraordinary vision. My eyeballs have been prodded, my eyelids lifted; stuck in near pitch rooms and torches shone in my eyes. Most people think 20-20 vision is the best you can do, some in the know think it’s 20-15, but mine is 20-.001. Let me explain… for 20-20 vision you… Continue reading Windows to the Soul