Perchance to Dream

It first happened on the 7:15 to Paddington. I was in a trance due to a severe lack of sleep; caused not by a rock n’ roll lifestyle, but years of engrained insomnia. As the rhythm of the train pulled me along through the city landscape, with the crowds of people and streams of cars,… Continue reading Perchance to Dream

The Storyteller

Sunlight flooded in through the floor to ceiling windows, picking out floating flecks of dust. Stacks of ragged books towered above him, blocking out the light and casting the paper into shadow. He looked up as the sun began to lower in the sky, thirty minutes, maybe 35 he mumbled. He scribbled furiously, the ink… Continue reading The Storyteller

Autumnal Promise

Thomas held on to the handle of the trolley as his mother steered it around the supermarket. Ghouls and skeletons hung from the ceiling and plastic spiders were stuck to the shelves. Their trolley was almost full with the usual groceries, plus packets of brightly coloured sweets and candied fruit. ‘Now?’ he pulled at his… Continue reading Autumnal Promise

Unknown Origin

Neil hugged his pint and stared into the corner at the black men drinking and chatting. A man approached the bar and signalled to the barmen, ‘they shouldn’t be allowed in here’, Neil mumbled. The man at the bar looked down at Neil as he reached into his pocket for his wallet. Neil looked up… Continue reading Unknown Origin

I’m Ready, Grandma

The first time stung; a black eye and bloody nose – it wasn’t so bad.They’d moved to the city from Maple Bay, a beautiful and tranquil seaside village, where the serenity of the surroundings matched the temperament of the inhabitants. He’d had a lovely group of friends, but his mother said it wasn’t enough. He… Continue reading I’m Ready, Grandma

Alone at Sea

Lightening lit up the sky and reflected off the mirror calm ocean; small ripples began rolling across its surface, as debris fell from the burning cargo ship. Pele and James perched on opposite ends of the escape boat, the oars drifting off into the distance. They glared at each other as they heard distant screams… Continue reading Alone at Sea


A fine drizzle filled the night air, causing Sarah’s clothes to cling to her as she heaved the body out of the back of the Land Rover. Despite the dampness, the back of her throat was as dry as saw dust and her hands shook. The man’s body fell, and crashed into the wheelbarrow. Sarah… Continue reading Scissors


The brass gears creaked and screeched as the metallic teeth chewed the air, closing the door.Their golden colour was getting more pronounced as the years passed. Inside the room, the windows had been covered with thick black fabric, leaving nothing but darkness.Jacob sat in the middle of the room with his legs crossed and his… Continue reading Unity

Early Learning

Leanne and John propped themselves up against a bank of pillows, as morning light streamed in through the windows. John read from a paper, while Leanne rested a tablet against her pregnant belly. ‘Here it is,’ she said, gently nudging him and nodding down to the tablet, ‘we simply have to get one, darling’. John… Continue reading Early Learning

Break from (un)Reality

For nearly a week now the character has wandered around my thoughts like an untethered spectre. The struggle of the tale that’s on the tip of my fingers, in my thoughts like the space from House of Leaves, there - but not. I haven’t posted anything on here for nearly a week, deliberately so, as… Continue reading Break from (un)Reality