Pulling Down Roots

The Jaguar rolled down the country roads, flowing down them with the elegance a swan. With his hands at ten and two Terrence smiled at the control and mastery the car gave him. ‘Close your eyes, darling’ he said to Sylvia, who was sitting in the passenger seat watching the road ahead and hoping the… Continue reading Pulling Down Roots

The Bedsit

Sam was pouring a cup of tea when his mobile rang. He left the cup half filled and answered it on the third ring, ‘Hello, Jenny. Where are you?’ The doorbell rang, Sam smiled and hung up the phone. He rushed down the stairs from his bedsit on the third floor. As he walked to… Continue reading The Bedsit

Tear ‘Em Down

Mossop and Tiddler lay slumbering on their platform high up in the tree. The chorus of birds grew louder and the sun gently peaked through the canopy as the workman began arriving in their trucks and vans. They yawned and stretched as they looked down on the workman congregating around the diggers. In the middle… Continue reading Tear ‘Em Down

Gentleman Jack

Jack sat in his boxers on the bench of the laundrette, watching his clothes tumble in the industrial washing machine. As they sloshed around he picked up the packet of cigarettes from the side and tapped one out. Then after looking around for the lighter, turned back to the washing machine and sighed. As the… Continue reading Gentleman Jack


The brass gears creaked and screeched as the metallic teeth chewed the air, closing the door.Their golden colour was getting more pronounced as the years passed. Inside the room, the windows had been covered with thick black fabric, leaving nothing but darkness.Jacob sat in the middle of the room with his legs crossed and his… Continue reading Unity

World on Fire – Excerpt

First excerpt can be found here… World on Fire - Excerpt 1 Whilst it was the aim of every member of Fairbanks to secure their family line, once the procreation was accomplished, the veil of respectability ensured that teenage life was far from enjoyable in the confines of the town. The only escape was a… Continue reading World on Fire – Excerpt

Early Learning

Leanne and John propped themselves up against a bank of pillows, as morning light streamed in through the windows. John read from a paper, while Leanne rested a tablet against her pregnant belly. ‘Here it is,’ she said, gently nudging him and nodding down to the tablet, ‘we simply have to get one, darling’. John… Continue reading Early Learning

BBQ Weather

The smell of cooking meat wafted across the garden, over the neighbour’s fences and into their homes. ‘You just can’t beat a good steak,’ Neil declared as he speared a hunk of meat, that was sizzling on the bbq and transferred it to a plate. Something caught Neil’s eye and he looked up from the… Continue reading BBQ Weather

Snow Angels – Pt 1.

As Cormac drew level with the entrance to the psychiatric hospital he slammed on the brake and almost head-butted the steering wheel. He opened the door and stumbled out of the car, smashing his elbow on the edge of the door and landing hard on his knees. ‘Fuck it’ he muttered as he got up… Continue reading Snow Angels – Pt 1.

Shades of Red – Pt 3.

Shades of Red – Pt 1. – Can be found hereShades of Red – Pt. 2 – Can be found here Kevin was waiting in the car park with the window rolled down and music playing from the radio. In the wing mirror, he spotted Gerald lumbering along under the weight of the post bags… Continue reading Shades of Red – Pt 3.