The water from the shower bounced off the open umbrella onto the floor; as Matthew crouched in the bath tub holding it above his head. The lights flickered, sending ripples of light over the drenched white tiles. Sparks flew from the light fitting, causing electricity to arc around the room. ā€˜Iā€™m not ready!ā€™, Matthew screamed.… Continue reading Brimstone


Walking down the hall, Jeremy could see the bathroom door open and the light on. Steam emanated out and he could see the mirror was fogged over. He strode down the hall, flung the bathroom window open and turned off the light. He walked back into the bedroom and mumbled something inaudible as he picked… Continue reading Steamed


Cobwebs hung on the frame and fluttered in the breeze of the open window; the sunlight illuminating half his face, as he gazed in the mirror. He traced the lines on his forehead and picked at the corners of his mouth, where part of his lunch had dried. His hand reached for his hair line,… Continue reading Cobwebs