Pulling Down Roots

The Jaguar rolled down the country roads, flowing down them with the elegance a swan. With his hands at ten and two Terrence smiled at the control and mastery the car gave him. ‘Close your eyes, darling’ he said to Sylvia, who was sitting in the passenger seat watching the road ahead and hoping the… Continue reading Pulling Down Roots

Tear ‘Em Down

Mossop and Tiddler lay slumbering on their platform high up in the tree. The chorus of birds grew louder and the sun gently peaked through the canopy as the workman began arriving in their trucks and vans. They yawned and stretched as they looked down on the workman congregating around the diggers. In the middle… Continue reading Tear ‘Em Down


The oak table creaked under the weight of food, as Ruth placed another laden plate in front of Josiah. ‘Drink’ he demanded, picking up a hunk of beef and shoving it in his mouth. The curtains had been drawn, yet the sun creeped in at the edges, teasing her with hope. Ruth picked up the… Continue reading Roots


Robert Stroud a.k.a The Birdman of Alcatraz - did you ever wonder why he caught that first bird? Why he risked punishment and solitary to breed them? It wasn’t because he was lonely, it wasn’t that he was bored, it was because of the silence. Alcatraz was a dead zone for birds, no scraps, no… Continue reading Birdsong

The Falls

Tom and Jess sat on the grass watching the crowds of people walk passed the No Swimming sign. Their towels peaked out of their bag, signally their intentions to all those that were paying attention. The groups of tourists snapped photos of the waterfalls as they tumbled off the cliffs and into the exquisite turquoise… Continue reading The Falls


Rosa bounced around in the baby carrier on Stan’s back, who strode down the country path. She spotted a low hanging branch up ahead and reached out for one of the leaves. Stan swatted away a fly from his face, thus turning the carrier and diverting Rosa at the last minute. As the leaf passed… Continue reading Picnic


Throwing itself up against the glass, the moth desperately tried to get to the street lamp. Jethro had turned off the light in the room, so that it picked a target other than the bare bulb that hung from the ceiling. The moth settled on the window ledge and Jethro crept up slowly, glass in… Continue reading Moths

Mountain Cometh

We like Autumn, Winter, and Spring. We like the way in Autumn it feels like each tree has its own fireplace; licks of flame dancing on the branches before they float down to the ground. We like the harshness of Winter; the cozy comfort of tucking ourselves away as the wind howls and the rain… Continue reading Mountain Cometh


Laying on their side just off the path, the bicycles rested on the warm earth; the wheels gently spun in the light breeze. The once well trodden path, was now barely visible through the encroaching weeds. Through the trees laughter could be heard, distant but unmissable; a sound that had not graced the woods since… Continue reading Spokes

Roses Are Red

The beautiful song of the morning birds was brutally and dispassionately drowned out by the sound of lawn mowers. Margaret was halfway through picking the infestation of aphids off her roses, when her neighbour, Mr Carter, wheeled out his lawnmower and joined in the artificial racket. Margaret sighed and continued with the roses. When she… Continue reading Roses Are Red