The ground is shaking with increasing intensity and regularity. I’m confident that before the sun rises my time will be up, my only consolation being the historic nature of my annihilation. It would be amiss for me to tell this story with the implication that Lucas was the originator of the event, however his keen… Continue reading Meteoric

Early Learning

Leanne and John propped themselves up against a bank of pillows, as morning light streamed in through the windows. John read from a paper, while Leanne rested a tablet against her pregnant belly. ‘Here it is,’ she said, gently nudging him and nodding down to the tablet, ‘we simply have to get one, darling’. John… Continue reading Early Learning

Catch and Release

Jim lent up against the old wooden fence, it creaked as he adjusted his balance, but a reassuring creak, he thought – the creak of something that’s been around for decades and probably for decades longer. He watched as the group of children gathered into a semi-circle, herded by the teacher and told to sit… Continue reading Catch and Release

Snow Angels – Pt 1.

As Cormac drew level with the entrance to the psychiatric hospital he slammed on the brake and almost head-butted the steering wheel. He opened the door and stumbled out of the car, smashing his elbow on the edge of the door and landing hard on his knees. ‘Fuck it’ he muttered as he got up… Continue reading Snow Angels – Pt 1.

One Day

I sat in the earth one day. Amongst the roots and the worms, I  shook hands with the moles and made friends with the rats. I dug below the crust and drank in the magma, grappled with the iron core and slowed the spin. If your watch runs funny, that’s me. I explored the mountains… Continue reading One Day


Robert Stroud a.k.a The Birdman of Alcatraz - did you ever wonder why he caught that first bird? Why he risked punishment and solitary to breed them? It wasn’t because he was lonely, it wasn’t that he was bored, it was because of the silence. Alcatraz was a dead zone for birds, no scraps, no… Continue reading Birdsong


Muir crouched down behind the ragged concrete wall; the decimated tower block looming behind him. The single bullet in the chamber tore at his heart as he watched his son laying in the road. The child’s cries of pain rang out in the silent night of the empty city. His torn and bloodied clothes where… Continue reading Chamber

Beware the Glistening Snow

Beware the glistening snow; for under foot, cacti lie. The gentle slopes of white, where once were ravaged peaks. The treacherous fields of ice, where once were endless valleys. Beware the friendly stranger, grown cunning in times of need. Their hound is not for patting, their food is not for sharing. A kindly face is… Continue reading Beware the Glistening Snow


The sand felt sharp, like grains of glass slicing through skin, causing blood to drip over the desert floor. On the horizon an animal was silhouetted against the rising star. A brim of bone seemed to protrude from its skull. It held something which was attached to a larger animal with four legs. By the… Continue reading S4

Video Games

It arrived Have fun Anything I need to know? Don’t pause it for too long ??? It starts to reek Gotcha Tyrell opened the CD case and took out the disc. He played with reflecting the light off its surface, making rainbows dance around at will. He walked over to the games console and slipped… Continue reading Video Games