Gentleman Jack

Jack sat in his boxers on the bench of the laundrette, watching his clothes tumble in the industrial washing machine. As they sloshed around he picked up the packet of cigarettes from the side and tapped one out. Then after looking around for the lighter, turned back to the washing machine and sighed. As the… Continue reading Gentleman Jack

Perchance to Dream

It first happened on the 7:15 to Paddington. I was in a trance due to a severe lack of sleep; caused not by a rock n’ roll lifestyle, but years of engrained insomnia. As the rhythm of the train pulled me along through the city landscape, with the crowds of people and streams of cars,… Continue reading Perchance to Dream

The Storyteller

Sunlight flooded in through the floor to ceiling windows, picking out floating flecks of dust. Stacks of ragged books towered above him, blocking out the light and casting the paper into shadow. He looked up as the sun began to lower in the sky, thirty minutes, maybe 35 he mumbled. He scribbled furiously, the ink… Continue reading The Storyteller


The brass gears creaked and screeched as the metallic teeth chewed the air, closing the door.Their golden colour was getting more pronounced as the years passed. Inside the room, the windows had been covered with thick black fabric, leaving nothing but darkness.Jacob sat in the middle of the room with his legs crossed and his… Continue reading Unity

Shades of Red – Pt 3.

Shades of Red – Pt 1. – Can be found hereShades of Red – Pt. 2 – Can be found here Kevin was waiting in the car park with the window rolled down and music playing from the radio. In the wing mirror, he spotted Gerald lumbering along under the weight of the post bags… Continue reading Shades of Red – Pt 3.

In the Genes

Monoamine Oxidase A (low activity genotype variation) and Cadherin 13 are known as the warrior genes. You may have heard of them, but didn’t know their names, well – there they are – MAOA-L and CDH13. For years scientists have been trying to find the causation of these two genes and violent behaviour; as the… Continue reading In the Genes

Shades of Red – Pt.1

Grass gently tickled Gerald’s cheek; he sat bolt upright, and swatted the cockroach off his face; their nocturnality causing them to return to their shared home at dawn, scurrying around and waking him up, like a hideously natural alarm clock. It landed on the thread bare carpet and scuttled off into the corner of the… Continue reading Shades of Red – Pt.1


Robert Stroud a.k.a The Birdman of Alcatraz - did you ever wonder why he caught that first bird? Why he risked punishment and solitary to breed them? It wasn’t because he was lonely, it wasn’t that he was bored, it was because of the silence. Alcatraz was a dead zone for birds, no scraps, no… Continue reading Birdsong

Faded Light

Henry sat on the bench overlooking the bay; the seat beneath him was warm, but either side water saturated the wood. As he saw the wreckage of American Airlines flight A728 sink into the bay, an unnerving calm fell over him. On the road below, the blue and red emergency lights reached through the mist… Continue reading Faded Light

Hula Girl

The little hula girl danced on the dashboard as the pickup truck bounced down the dirt track. The girls gleaming white smile and green grass dress appealed to John’s sense of whimsey. As the pickup hit a rut, the adhesive loosened and the girl went tumbling down between his legs. He laughed as he reached… Continue reading Hula Girl