Tear ‘Em Down

Mossop and Tiddler lay slumbering on their platform high up in the tree. The chorus of birds grew louder and the sun gently peaked through the canopy as the workman began arriving in their trucks and vans. They yawned and stretched as they looked down on the workman congregating around the diggers. In the middle… Continue reading Tear ‘Em Down

I’m Ready, Grandma

The first time stung; a black eye and bloody nose – it wasn’t so bad.They’d moved to the city from Maple Bay, a beautiful and tranquil seaside village, where the serenity of the surroundings matched the temperament of the inhabitants. He’d had a lovely group of friends, but his mother said it wasn’t enough. He… Continue reading I’m Ready, Grandma

World on Fire – Excerpt

First excerpt can be found here… World on Fire - Excerpt 1 Whilst it was the aim of every member of Fairbanks to secure their family line, once the procreation was accomplished, the veil of respectability ensured that teenage life was far from enjoyable in the confines of the town. The only escape was a… Continue reading World on Fire – Excerpt

Shades of Red – Pt 3.

Shades of Red – Pt 1. – Can be found hereShades of Red – Pt. 2 – Can be found here Kevin was waiting in the car park with the window rolled down and music playing from the radio. In the wing mirror, he spotted Gerald lumbering along under the weight of the post bags… Continue reading Shades of Red – Pt 3.


James woke up sweating, cries ringing in his ears, he turned over and checked the time 2:55am. He sat there panting, trying to recover from the nightmare, when he heard a scream from Mary’s room. James threw back the covers and ran to her. Mary was sitting upright, cuddling her teddy, staring at the window,… Continue reading Towers

World on Fire – Excerpt

Tankers streamed in and out of Port Charles with the ebb and flow of the tide, bringing people, places, happiness, and sorrow from the four corners of the Earth. The town thrived on the transitory influx of customers and money. Floating behemoths arrived empty and left with a gluttonous excess of oil, destined for other… Continue reading World on Fire – Excerpt

I’ve Got His Shoes

As the sun peaked in through the homemade curtains, the tweeting and chirping gently stirred Dolores. Her smile beamed as she silently recalled the dream that was slowly fading; of childhood summers by the creak; swimming with her friends, blissful in their freedom. She touched her face as the sun warmed her cheek. ‘Good morning,… Continue reading I’ve Got His Shoes

Faded Light

Henry sat on the bench overlooking the bay; the seat beneath him was warm, but either side water saturated the wood. As he saw the wreckage of American Airlines flight A728 sink into the bay, an unnerving calm fell over him. On the road below, the blue and red emergency lights reached through the mist… Continue reading Faded Light

Video Games

It arrived Have fun Anything I need to know? Don’t pause it for too long ??? It starts to reek Gotcha Tyrell opened the CD case and took out the disc. He played with reflecting the light off its surface, making rainbows dance around at will. He walked over to the games console and slipped… Continue reading Video Games

Mountain Cometh

We like Autumn, Winter, and Spring. We like the way in Autumn it feels like each tree has its own fireplace; licks of flame dancing on the branches before they float down to the ground. We like the harshness of Winter; the cozy comfort of tucking ourselves away as the wind howls and the rain… Continue reading Mountain Cometh