Burning Demons

Bryson’s sheriff badge glowed in the reflection of the fire that tore through the colonial three storey house. The flames dimmed out the stars as he smiled at the screams coming from within. In the shards of glass that still clung to the frames he could see the red light of the fire truck approaching.… Continue reading Burning Demons


Suzie sat down in front of the laptop and placed the coffee in front of her, as a barrier between her and the keyboard. Through the window in front of her, sunlight streamed directly into her eyes, so she reached across the table and yanked the cord that lowered the blinds. After turning on her… Continue reading Kaleidoscope


The brass gears creaked and screeched as the metallic teeth chewed the air, closing the door.Their golden colour was getting more pronounced as the years passed. Inside the room, the windows had been covered with thick black fabric, leaving nothing but darkness.Jacob sat in the middle of the room with his legs crossed and his… Continue reading Unity

Snow Angels – Pt.2

Part one can be found here: Snow Angels - Pt. 1 The red Mini bounced and rocked as they hurtled down the dirt track; red clay earth splattering the side of the car. ‘Fucking Mini, why the fuck did you get a Mini?’ he screamed in a rhetorical outburst. He’d told her that a Mini… Continue reading Snow Angels – Pt.2

Windows to the Soul

I have a case of extraordinary vision. My eyeballs have been prodded, my eyelids lifted; stuck in near pitch rooms and torches shone in my eyes. Most people think 20-20 vision is the best you can do, some in the know think it’s 20-15, but mine is 20-.001. Let me explain… for 20-20 vision you… Continue reading Windows to the Soul

Re:Told – Donkey Boy

Donkey boy, that’s what they call me, but that’s because of my father. There was a story going around that never seemed to fade, like a label that someone is tarred with that ya just can’t shake. The community never forgets when something strange happens that they can’t "explain". The unexplainable is accepted if it… Continue reading Re:Told – Donkey Boy